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master simon wong - river from the sky

title: river from the sky - dancefloor mantras vol 2
artist: Master Simon Wong
release date: May/June 2006
produced by Master Simon Wong
engineered by Al Robertson / Quietman

Master Simon Wong’s seminal album, “River from the Sky," marks the start of a new direction in dance music, mixing hard hitting dancefloor grooves with ancient buddhist mantras and the seductive vocals of Tania Levin.

First played at the Miami Winter Music Conference, this album is destined to take the lead as a 21st Century and beyond work of musical genius!

Famous names with Master Simon Wong’s in their collection include Angelina Jolie, Oliver Stone Simon Cowell, Ken Livingstone Pete Tong, Damien Hurst, Debbie Harry, Fatboy Slim, Danny Tenaglia, Louie Vega, Charlotte Church, Carl Cox, Harvey Weinstein, Woody Harrelson, Sir Richard Branson and Lionel Richie.

01 river from the sky (radio mix)
02 kuan yin
03 life is a dream (radio mix)
04 river from the sky
05 walking to the east
06 life is a dream
07 life is a dream (club mix)
08 kuan yin (club mix)
09 kuan yin (instrumental)
10 river from the sky (instrumental)

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