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Looking for Master Wong

Words and photography by Charlie Pycraft

Not just founder of Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu and Europe’s top feng shui master, he also knows about hour-long orgasms!

The first time I had the pleasure of seeing Master Wong in action was at one of those late night restaurants in Chinatown where the shiny suited pissheads go to soak up the alcohol. On that particular evening I was enjoying my duck and rice after a late night when a disturbance involving four customers slowly built up on the opposite table.

Unfortunately this was not going to be their night, as Master Wong (who’s eighth black sash with the AMA, & seventh generation master of the bamboo forest temple mantis style, and master of yang style tai chi as well as everything else) was quietly enjoying a late-night meal nearby. And as the argument got more and more heated and a little shoving with the waiters escalated into the chef and a waitress being beaten up, Master Wong intervened. Two of the troublemakers made a quick run for it, but after running for the door the others were quickly dispensed, Bruce Lee-style, with a thwack to the side of the head.

Watch a true Master at work and it is all over in a split second. It almost looks as if nothing happened. After talking to Master Wong my interest in Kung Fu increased from a more basic platform of karate to what the true art of Kung Fu iis. Master Wong had at this time moved from the restaurant business, which took up too much time of his, to teaching Buddhism and enlightening people.



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